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ProDev Fresh Stores is your one-stop online shop for all things fresh products. We are an innovative impact-oriented Agtech organization focused on creating novel solutions to existing issues in the African agricultural space and transforming them into economic opportunities.

Our game-changing platform ProDev Fresh stores leverage innovative technology to connect the farm gate and the retail stores selling fresh agricultural products in the country.  

ProDev Fresh Stores is a modular solar-powered containerized sales point that will be located within selected choice locations across Nigeria, where fresh products can be easily purchased

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Human Dignity

At ProDev Fresh Store we are 100% Human Centered.

100% Natural

From our store up to the air within our store is fully natural.


We are trusted by over 4000 customers within Nigeria.


We developed several mediums outside to make everything easier.


Over the year we have continually prove our strong relevance in the industry


Our Farms are engineered to make use of the latest technological equipment